How to create a FLO2PRO Project


FLO2PRO gives you a platform to get your idea to the public and funded!!!! This is the exciting point. But like everything you need to work out what you are going to create and how it fits into our groups. Whatever it is in Skateboarding can be grouped and then potentially funded by not only your Social Network but others who love to see things come to life!!!!
Once you work out what you want to do and have a clear goal and objective that is written down you can use the following steps to bring your Dream to life!!!!

All Flo2pro projects need a Project Page with a Description that explains your idea’s story. Its also a great idea to put a VIDEO on this page as well. This is extremely important for people to really connect with you. If you don’t have a Video we will take your page down. A video also allows us to share your story with our various other communities to grow your network!!

Social media is the only way people are going to get to know about your FLO2PRO project. So make sure you have everything set up that you are familiar with. Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Youtube are a good start. If you have friends with large friend networks or Fan Bases it maybe good to speak with them about helping you get the word out there. The more help you get the more people will see it and the more chance there is of being funded!

You need to choose if you will be doing a Straight Donation. This is where you don’t offer anything in return for the cash. Usually these are small amounts of money needed for something quick. We only allow this on our Skater Page. If you are looking to get a lot of money the best way to go about this is to do an ALL OR NOTHING FLO2PRO Project. This is where you offer FLO’s (rewards): Say for $30 you get a Limited T-shirt. For $100 you get a T-shirt and a Board all limited Edition. Get creative. Remember you cant give away equity in your business idea. These Rewards will get people excited about the project and a total buy in which they will share with their network. FLO’s need to be honoured when your project is funded.

It’s a great idea to always update people through your Social network along the way how things are going and make sure you blast it out every day that you are getting closer and thank publicly the people who are helping you achieve your goal. Once you are funded you must keep your Funders up to date where you are at with delivering their FLO (rewards). Constant communication is key to any working relationship.

Introduce yourself and anyone involved in your project.
The story is important make sure it has a bit of flair and is interesting. If it has a bit of flare to it, maybe it will go viral. But also make sure it is to the point and states the facts of what you are trying to do. Adding in any samples or prototypes also along with your credentials or anything that shows that your product, trip, blog or what ever it is your getting funded has some validity.

When you pick a length for your funding make sure that you include a time line of how long it will to come through with your project or when it is going to happen and how people will be able to keep in the look with what is happening. Again communication is essential. Signing up to www.mailchimp.com is a great way for your ENDORSERS to sign up to your mailing list and keeping everyone up to date with your progress.

So everyone loves getting flowed some product. This is where you give back to ENDORSERS for supporting your project.

Something Physical: Maybe you will give a T-shirt, A skateboard for example for a small amount of money. Then you could offer a combo of this. A T-shirt and a Board.

Limited Editions: If your tour is heading to a town you can make a limited edition T-shirt or board or product that is specific to their town.

Alliance: Your project maybe something where the person can get their name on a product or a product can be named after someone.

Participation: You maybe be able to come to a private skate experience with a Skate team or go to the factory and help make something.


Nickle and Diming is a common term in skateboarding. This is the best way to get funded. Asking for a big amounts of cash although its easier to get one person to put in $1000 its less likely than 100 people putting in $10. You should make sure that your FLO’s have tiered pricing. Start at $10 and go as high as you want. But the more smaller FLO’ s you offer the more chance you have of meeting your budget!


Don’t forget that you will need a budget for your project. If you want to deliver what you promise and if you have promised a FLO of some sort you must factor these into your costs. You should already have an idea of how much money you need for your project. From here you need to add some extra padding to make sure you can achieve what you want and don’t disappoint anyone, especially yourself.

You must factor in your costs:
$$$ needed to get your project funded = $10,000
$$$ needed to fulfil your FLO’s (include shipping) = $ 2,000
$$$ for fees & Payment gateway 8-10% = $ 1,100
$$$ for cushion of funds 5% = $ 555
Total $$$ required for project = $13,655


Delivery dates are very important for all projects and even more important for the ones that have FLO’s attached to them. This means there is a timeline. When producing any product make sure you give at least 3 months from the date of being funded. This way you wont disappoint. But remember to always keep your Endorsers a monthly update on what is going on.


The people who you will find that will support you most are the ones that know you and want to see your project succeed. Seeing you out there having a go will give any of your friends, family or network in general the belief to back your project. Great ways to get your idea out there is through your social network and others. Using tools such as

will help grow the awareness of your project and help with the funding.

Make sure that you keep in contact with everyone. Starting out you should send out a small email to close friends and family and give them first run at your project. From here you need to push out through your networks.

Staying in contact with people is also very important and sending personal thank yous for endorsing your project goes a long way. Along with this updates every few weeks will make people feel apart of your project. Even creating a group on facebook that is private is another way to keep everyone in the loop.


Every project needs a finish date. This means you need to set a time period to get funding sorted. Don’t make it too short and don’t make it too long. Other sites believe that you shouldn’t go over 60 days and full funding happens within 30 days. This is your decision.