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A campaign by Jeff Reeves
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Show Your Heart Save Our Park
The year was 1998 the place is Tyler Texas - we had finally arrived with the first city owned skateboard park!

Tyler is a town with about 100,000 people and has a great skateboard community which is growing by the minute. Our skateboard park has seen several rebuilds starting with the original park built by Team Pain in 1998 and was state of the art at that time. Since then it has been rebuilt and is now a concrete structure. The concrete park we had put in was poorly built by a novice builder and was in dire need of help so we gathered up the skateboard community and got to work. We had several meetings with the city and after a year of working with them we were able to somewhat and temporarily fix the park. Our park will continue to deteriorate fairly quickly and that is where we need your help! We have finally been in touch and met with several business owners in Tyler who have shown a lot of interest in the skateboard park and are willing to help out by promoting this park any way they know how. Now we need your help so please help out Tyler's youth and build a state of the art safe skateboard park! Any Donations are welcome be it $5. It all helps. Please help by sharing our story!

Thank you for your generosity.