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A campaign by Peter Wilson
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The mission for me to open a Megaramp in Australia started back in early 2010. I was travelling playing Golf and my buddy was Skateboarding around the world. He wanted a Megaramp and had containers of materials and I had the land. I was always a skater and a fan of it and I wanted my friends and my kids to be able to pursue the opportunity not to only skate regular ramps but also a Megaramp too. We embarked on a journey that had many highs such as Tas Pappas landing the first 900 and lows such as a disgruntled neighbour for building the structure.

I am very excited to say that today after many many years of persistence I am 100% ready to make this dream a reality not only for myself but for many Australian and Global Action sport athletes. We have finally been approved a permit to build a training facility on my 11 acres in Victoria Australia.

We have partnered with Megaramp in the USA and have the support of Jake Brown and Danny Way to develop a brand new Megaramp  in another part of my property. 

The facilities at the Megaranch will encompass;

  • A full size Megaramp with a roll over, 30ft gap, 40ft Gap and 70ft gap. 

Part of my application to gain a permit was that I had to move the Megaramp to another part of my property. We managed to work with Council to gain the permit to relocate to a Gully on my property which also allows for no Sun interference and its protected from the wind, making it a great place to build a Megaramp. 

To this date we have spent well over $150,000 building the old ramp and have salvaged most of the wood and surface, but now we are looking to get more underlay and surface to make this Megaramp legitimate. 

As it stands the Megaramp at Megaranch is ready for relocation:

  • 50% of the Excavation has been finished and paid. 
  • All the structural wood has been purchased
  • All the footings for the ramp have been purchased. 
  • 70% of the Skatelite has been Purchased
  • 20% of the Underlay has been Purchased

The great thing about the Megaranch, we will have Pro riders that will be on hand to make sure everyone will get taken care of, to create an encouraging atmosphere and make sure everyone’s experience is a memorable one and whats more a lot of fun!

Now it’s time for you to get involved. Let's make this thing happen.

Thank you.

Peter Wilson

What We Require:


The build has already been funded once and now we are seeking another $35,000 to finish this ramp to competition specs, for the athletes that train here will be on the same ramp as X games and other Megaramp events..  

At this stage we are 6 years into working on this project and have just received Council approval to finish construction. Our detailed design drawings from Megaramp have also just been completed and are ready for construction. We have started on excavating the site and will be ready next month for the footings. 

We are working hard to have the Megaranch up and going before Christmas. Reality is there is a lot of moving parts with a project like this and most of which is out of our control. To get this ready for Christmas all we need to do is fund remaining excavation works underlay, Surface and insurance. This is where we need your help.

Anyone who knows me will understand that I am a man of my word and dont take No for an answer. We will make this Megaramp happen regardless, but having you involved means we can see this happen faster. Remember we have built it once before, its not like it hasn't already happened. We just need some assistance to help relocate and resurface.  


SEPTEMBER: Excavation of new location on property in valley. 

OCTOBER: Footings and base structure erected

NOVEMBER: Building Roll in, landing and Quarter pipe

DECEMBER: Sheet with Redz Ramp Surface

JANUARY: Testing with Pro Skaters and BMX riders. 

FEBURARY: First public testing. 

We really look forward to seeing you on the Megaramp this Australian Summer. Don't forget even $10 helps.